Free Prize Inside

I don’t write sequels. I didn’t write the Permission Marketing Handbook, for example.

But after Purple Cow came out, people asked me for tactics and approaches. They knew the ideas were good, but they were so indoctrinated into a different way of thinking, and so fearful of being wrong that they wanted a guide to help them move forward.

That’s this book.

The best use of it is to have an entire team read it together. Because the shared language and mutual encouragement means a lot.

The original edition of this book came in a cereal box (alert readers will remember that the original edition of Purple Cow can in a milk carton–you get the idea.) Alas, when the books arrived at Barnes & Noble, store staff opened every single box and threw them away, because they hadn’t read the yet unwritten Poke the Box.

Here’s a short review:

And here’s a bonus, thanks for digging deep–a rarely seen class I gave at Julliard/Carnegie Hall in 2011: