Purple Cow

I dedicated this book to my late friend Lionel Poilane.

After he died in a tragic accident, I knew I wanted to honor his work and his memory, but I actually didn’t have a book, in fact, I was most definitely not seeking to write a book.

And this project put me back into the role of writer and author.

I’m thrilled when people talk about a purple cow without knowing that there’s a book. That’s proof that the idea resonated and spread. I’m even more delighted when someone actually reads the book and understands the nuance of what I was saying.

A purple cow is not a gimmick. It’s not a stunt or a selfish grab for attention.

It’s simple: if your fans think it’s worth talking about, it’s remarkable.

Here’s the original TED talk. And here’s the book.

And here’s an updated version…

And here’s the story of the launch.

The original Fast Company article.

And don’t forget the collection created with Tom Peters, Malcolm Gladwell, Guy Kawasaki, Randall Rothenberg, Jackie Huba, Promise Phelon, April Armstrong, Polly LaBarre, William Godin, Julie Anixter, Dean DeBiase, Red Maxwell, Alan Webber, Heath Row, Mark Cuban, Dave Balter, Lisa Gansky, Kevin Carroll, Robyn Waters, Carol Cone, Lynn Gordon, Marcia Hart, Tim Manners, Dan Pink, Jay Gouliard, Marc Benioff, Donna Sturgess, Amit Gupta, Jacqueline Novogratz, Robin Williams, Tom Kelley, and Chris Meyer. All proceeds go to charity, more than $250,000 raised so far.

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