We Are All Weird

This book went from “that’s crazy talk” to “that’s obvious” in about 17 months, which is a record for me, I think.

It’s about the social and commercial implications of the long tail, and far more important, how we can begin to treat other people as fully respected humans as opposed to cogs in a marketing/status machine.

The original cover from the original Domino edition is below. I had an argument with a clueless and selfish Amazon executive about the cover, and I lost, so it ended up being reproduced inside the original edition instead.

I’m embracing the word ‘weird’ in the title, and proudly embracing the non-comformist badge–because conforming to a power structure that doesn’t have your interests at heart does no one any good. This teacher spent the day with me when I visited India with Acumen, and I learned countless lessons from him. And yet most politicians, marketers and business people want nothing to do with people who put wisdom ahead of commerce.